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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

…Ah, poo, gotta think of a title again. Um…inn-vasion plot?

…I have a slight dilemma.

So, my half-breed group is going to go back to the inn to get the rest of the girls out. [Yay!] The plan is rather complicated, especially if you don’t know the story, so I am not even going to try to summarize it. Basically, there are lots of people, each with a role to play. Of these people, one girl is a decoy; one guy is a fake customer.

I was working on this part, where my main girl is telling that guy what exactly he will have to do. What he does to get in is solid. But as I was writing what he does to get the decoy girl out, I was like, “…Um, wouldn’t it be much easier if he just killed the innkeeper?”

Well, duh.

Yet I am torn, because one of the big focal points for the group is stealth. They want to get in and out without anyone seeing, knowing, or even suspecting. Lives depend on it. The group is killing people downstairs, yes --- but to kill the innkeeper, who is upstairs…that sort of undermines the whole sneaking-in-and-out thing.

…BUT…at the same time, if they leave the innkeeper alive, she will just capture new girls; the current girls will be free, but new girls will soon take their places. …As long as the innkeeper is alive, the brothel will stay open.

And that…cannot happen.

So something has to give.
And it has to be stealth. 
So I guess it is not much of a dilemma, ha!

The group’s immediate goal is to rescue the current girls.
But the second aspect of their goal is shutting down the inn, for good.

…So…the fake customer guy will go go downstairs, let the group inn, help everyone get out, then go back upstairs and finish the job. Then he and the decoy girl will go outside and meet the group at the meeting place.

…At least, that is the plan.

It doesn’t exactly happen like that.

=) …and =’(

Why do cats sleep so much? I mean, seriously.

Yesterday, I…

1. Worked on a part with…dun, dun, dunn…the LOVE INTEREST! Yayayayay!! It’s after he comes back into the story [spoiler alert? Eh, not really; this is me, after all], and they are talking about what happened to her in the inn. I’ve had this part for a while, but while it was super sweet [love him!], it always felt…lacking. He was sorry, but he didn’t…seem sorry enough? Like, he breezed over it too quickly, and moved on to his main point. And while it isn’t his fault, exactly…you better believe he’s going to feel like it’s his fault, and think it’s his fault. So he cannot breeze over it; it all but destroys him, especially when she first tells him about it. I mean, before, it was kind of like:

Her: “I was at this inn, and while I was there, really bad stuff happened…”
Him: “That’s awful, I hate it…buuuut I still think about you, and I still think I’d like to marry you.”

…Adorable, and healing for her…but, um…wait a second, he needs to be a little more fazed!?

…SO…I changed it. Wrote a new part of the conversation…and…it is precious. He is much more remorseful [again, not his fault], and she…has the chance to either crush him, or offer healing. One guess as to what she does. ;) ;) [I am so predictable.]

OH…and by the way…the actions that he is so devastated by…are redeemed. Hugely. Like…hugely.

2. Worked on a dream she has way before the aforementioned part [that takes place in probably book three; this is book one]. It’s a dream she has right before she is found by…ooh, dun, dun, dunnn…the half-breed group! Ahh! So much excitement! But this dream…it is super awesome and freaky. Like, without giving too much away, she is half-asleep…and half-hallucinating. And so in the dream, when she is running…she is literally running.

3. This led to me panicking and thinking that that dream won’t work the way I want it to --- because I remembered that she is hurt. How I forgot that, I don’t know; sometimes I am just dumb, okay? She twisted her ankle, badly. BUT…adrenaline will kick in, and she will run…because she thinks her life is in danger.

4. …I think that might be it. =)

Anywho…so…going to really try to work on chapter 18 today!
I’ll keep ya posted.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dreams and story arcs and…stuff!


So, I haven’t done a ton of story stuff lately --- lots of personal stuff going on --- but I DID manage to complete…chapter 17! Yay yay yay!

It might just be the weirdest chapter so far in this story. …Um, and by “weirdest” I mean…weird in my mind. For others, it will probably feel like the most normal-book chapter. That is because, try as I might, some part of me is stuck in the inn.

…I guess that is good --- because many aspects of my main girl need to remain stuck in the inn as well. It must be something she can’t get over, can’t just spring back from as if it didn’t happen. Because it did happen, and it was horrible. Which has made chapter 17 difficult --- because I want to show her pure relief at being free, and her survival instinct kicking in; but at the same time, it would be insensitive and unrealistic to have her just go on as if nothing happened, as if her time there was just a small detour, and now she is back to where she started.

…But, in many ways…that is sort of how it is.  

Before the story started…some stuff happened. [Not telling! And I have no idea when you will actually find out in the story.] This stuff led to her being where she is when the book opens. It also made it so she had nowhere to go, and no one to go to. Very hopeless situation.

Then she ended up in the inn. And her hopeless situation…plummeted to a whole new level of hopelessness. Like twenty times, it did that. 

My story does not look like this:

My story looks like this:

 …Okay, yes, that is an exaggeration. [And a dreadful drawing.] …But not much. Haha!

ANYWAY…so the inn was awful. But now that she is out…she once again has nowhere to go…and no one to go to.

…So yeah, 17 has been interesting.

I did figure something out though, I think. I was going to have it that in between her escape and her being found by certain people…she was going to have lots of dreams. Really terrifying dreams. And while some of that can happen, there simply isn’t enough time for her to have all of the dreams I wanted to her have --- PLUS…it would mean that like three entire chapters would be nothing but dreams…and very, very similar dreams. Can’t have that.

SO…she could have a dream or two before she is found. That works, and I have one in particular that is just…awesome. Just awesome. Then, after she is found…she could continue to have them periodically.

Basically, what I am trying to do with the inn from this part on…is make it so it never fully leaves her mind. It’s always right there to whisper defeat into her heart…always there to strike down every sliver of happiness she starts to feel. And the dreams fit right into that. I might not be able to keep every single one…but they could be spread out over a period of time even after she is no longer with the half-breed group.

…Oh, what? “No longer with the half-breed group” --- you don’t know what that means? …You will. Muhaha.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

When you think of “Father God”, what images come to mind? --- a review

When you think of “Father God”, what images come to mind?

a review of “God Distorted”, by John Bishop
written by Angie Grigaliunas

…Where do I even begin with this book?

Well, I’ve had it since June…and though I glanced through it a few times, I mostly avoided it. Why I was avoiding it…I’m not exactly sure. I guess because I was afraid of it --- because I know my view of God is distorted. I’ve known for years, and I have always felt so helpless to fix it. I know my relationship with my father has hugely impacted my relationship with God. That’s why, the instant I saw the title of this book and what it was about, I knew I had to read it. I knew it was for me. So I eagerly requested it…and then let it sit in my desk for over two months.

Why I picked it up today, I don’t really know; it just felt like it was time.

The basic premise of this book, repeated several times throughout, is a quote from A. W. Tozer: “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” I believe that to be true; I have seen it reflected in the lives of people around me…and mostly, in myself. My default view of God is one of an angry, irritated God who sees me as an inconvenience --- if he bothers to feel anything toward me at all. And even as I write this, I see my father in it. …So, again…exactly the book for me.

The book is divided into four parts: Our Perception, God’s Perfection, Our Reflection, and My Progression. I like this layout, and I think it really works well for the subject matter.

With raw authenticity, John first the story of his childhood and his different fathers [so sad], and how each impacted his view of himself and his view of God. Then he goes through eight different common father-types, identifying the primary wounds inflicted, and the behavioral patterns that often take root in the broken heart of the child. While I really liked that, and found it very interesting, it was also slightly frustrating. Not because of anything in the book itself --- but because I have never been able to pinpoint myself or understand why I believe the way I do when there seems to be no cause. For instance, there is no abuse in my past; yet, like someone who has experienced abuse, I find myself convinced that God is harsh and mean and will hurt me for no reason. I was never really blamed for anything either, yet I see God as pointing his finger at me, waiting to dole out punishment. …But ultimately, all of that finds its root in fear…which is definitely the biggest struggle for me when it comes to God.

The second part walks through different aspects of God --- each of which speaks to the eight father-types. I probably cried the most through that part! The third section calls us to return home to God, forgive and accept forgiveness, how to fight for restoration, and choosing to allow God to turn the bad into good. The fourth part walks you through some rather intensive questions, relating to each of the father-type chapters. To be honest, I didn’t read through all of the questions, because some of the father-types don’t really apply to me at all. The questions I did go through were insightful; it is funny/sad to me how difficult I often make things. Truth is right in front of me, and it is so clear…yet I continually return to the lies.

John’s honesty throughout --- about his own struggles, and the struggles he’s encountered with his son --- was both refreshing and touching. He never once tries to make excuses for himself or anyone else, but instead recognizes how his wounds have led to brokenness in many close relationships. But he doesn’t dwell on it [anymore]; he chooses to believe that God is still working everything for good. I don’t know him at all, but even in that is evidence of transformation.

I think the parts that touched me the most were when John writes about the Samaritan woman at the well, and the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. Those stories are both so familiar to me, but he provided further insight --- and things I hadn’t thought about before at all. It opened my eyes to see Jesus in a new light in those passages…which truly touched my heart. The tenderness and depth of love is so evident…if you just allow yourself to see.

A part of me was hoping that by the end of the book, I’d be all fixed…but I know that that isn’t how it works. As John writes at the end of chapter 21, “We never want the process --- we only want the destination --- but it is in the process that we find God.” The trials I am facing in my life and marriage right now…they are part of the process. And in that process, and through this book, I am finding God.

This book was a deep encouragement --- one of those encouragements that you don’t fully grasp in the moment, but realize when you look back. For me, this book is not a fix-all. For someone else, it might be. But with where I am in my own walk with God…this book is another step in my journey toward seeing him as a loving Father. I’m not there yet…but I am getting closer. =)

Note: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. This is my opinion only.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ideas and brutality and tests and ohmygoodness!!

I’ve gotten some really good ideas over the past few days. Brutal ideas, some of them…but so, so good. It is making things fit together in ways I didn’t expect or hope for.

…I just don’t know how to explain them…without feeling like I have to explain everything. And if I try to explain everything, I will just confuse you, because I can’t use actual names/descriptions/etc.

…Let’s see.

1. H-guys start out as a certain rank/title. In order to advance to the next rank, they must pass a test. [The test is the new idea; I’ve already had the ranks and stuff.] [Side note: If you are unfamiliar with the term, an “H-guy” is simply a human who is member of the ruling group.]

2. The test is to do something very awful, to prove that they have no compassion for the enemy…in any of its forms. If you pass the test, you advance. If you fail or refuse to do it, you are done as an H-guy, forever.

3. This means that any H-guys in the story --- even the nice ones --- …have passed the test. That really intensifies the situation. …And underscores the brainwashing even more.

4. This also means that a certain character who is forced to be an H-guy eventually faces this test. And, in order to keep the rest of his family safe…in order to keep up the guise that he is loyal to the H-guys when he is not…he has to pass it. …And that…intensifies that situation. Oh goodness, that poor guy…

5. In an entirely different vein, a certain H-guy refuses to do what it takes to pass the test.

6. He is kicked out, disowned, abandoned. This leads to his emotional downfall…which leads to him doing something terrible that directly affects a main character, and my main girl.

7. The idea for the test is quite new…and I’ve decided that a certain H-guy --- namely, “Fave” [if you remember me talking about him from THIS post] --- is the one who came up with the idea.

8. And as bad as that makes him…it is great. Because I want him to be bad. Really bad. He can’t just be a nice guy who makes a mistake; he needs to be a horrible guy who finally does the thing that leads to his undoing [and then transformation and redemption].

9. This also fits immensely with two Biblical characters I kind of have had in mind for Fave --- Paul [Acts – New Testament], and King Manasseh [read about him here!]. Paul has long been an inspiration; I’ve based several things in Fave’s past off of Paul’s given past. Manasseh is one of the most beautiful and unlikely tales of redemption ever…and this test idea mirrors some stuff that Manasseh did which made him so evil.

10. Because the test is new, it allows for there to be lots of people of a certain race…when otherwise, I was struggling to figure out how so many of them had survived. So, now, these certain people have only really been hunted for the past fifteen years [or less; haven’t worked that out yet]…

11. …Meaning that anyone older than fifteen [or, actually, nineteen] would have just been able to grow up. On the streets, yes, but people do that everywhere and survive. Without this certain race actively being hunted and killed…there can then be more of them that live…and subsequently band together. Then, when the hunting of their race starts…they would be old enough to start going around and rescuing the targeted ones of their race.

…And that, my friends…is more than I have time for. Must go now! Sorry for typos!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

…And…this is why I need to know Krav Maga. ;) ;)

The following is my dream from this morning. I promised I would write what I could remember of it. So, enjoy! ;)

I don’t remember who exactly was with me. I think Lydia [longtime friend]…and possibly Kelly [sister]. I feel like there was someone else too…but I am confused, because I really only remember the three of us. And I’m not even positive if it was actually those girls…but we’ll go with it.

I was driving us, in my bright red car, down the Dixie Strip --- which I have never been to, only heard of. I know that there are lots of strip clubs in that area…and it’s a bad [seedy?] place. Lots of suspected trafficking going on.

So that’s where we were, though its appearance was solely from my mind. It looked rather industrial…warehouses and stuff. Rundown, but not totally trashed; dark, though it was daytime. The buildings and just the whole place lacked color; everything had a tinge of gray-brown. There were hotels…and just…I don’t know. …Places.

We were there from some sort of organization…and I don’t know exactly what our goal was. I don’t think we were there to actually rescue girls; I think we were supposed to examine the situation and take notes --- because that’s what happened later.  

On either side of the road, and sometimes sauntering across it in front of [and behind] my car…were girls. Girls of different ages and skin colors, quite scantily-clad, most wearing lots of makeup to make them look older. Standing in various somewhat-provocative positions, trying to get the attention of the men.

And there were men. Not as many men as girls, but still a lot. Some appeared to be the traffickers, silently and confidently watching the scene, arms crossed over their chests and their backs against the walls. Some were clearly buyers --- again, of all different ages and skin colors --- unashamedly walking up to the girls.

The girls were in somewhat of a line; like, they sort of lined the street, standing in slightly separate groups --- a few here, then a couple feet away, another several girls…and so on. But, at the same time, as I said, people were walking across the street too; it was all sort of chaotic, and not at all safe to be driving through.

I’m pretty sure we went down the street once…then parked somewhere above the street [like, in a parking lot overlooking it], and went back down.

I remember us walking through the crowd…searching the faces of the girls we passed. Searching for desperate eyes, pleading eyes…for girls that were definitely too young to be there.  

At one point, we singled one out, and somehow got her alone in one of the buildings. The building was odd, its shapes distorted. We seemed to be near the corner of it, in a small area that I guess was a hallway; from that area, different [very dark and narrow] hallways went off in different directions, at odd angles. One kind of curved away to my right; the one in front of us was actually a staircase that also turned as it went up, narrowing as it went. Beside the stairs and to the left…I think that was a real hallway; possibly leading to a basement; I think I remember there being a wall with a door just a few feet in. So basically, that one didn’t go anywhere --- or at least anywhere good. Further to the left were a few steps leading to a bathroom [which was also strangely-shaped and bore steps inside it; I looked in it when we first came in the building]. None of the openings to these things were even with each other; the steps to the bathroom were a few feet further back from the other openings. It was just weird. Don’t try too hard to picture it; none of this description does it justice. Here is a rather terrible map…

Lydia --- if that’s who it was --- inspected the girl [who was sweet and smiling] and took notes. She was trying to figure out how old the girl looked, exactly, so she could write it down for, I guess, our report. I was kind of like, “Who cares; she’s clearly super young.” She asked me how old I thought the girl was; I figured nine or ten, or somewhere in there.

Suddenly, Kelly --- if it was her --- noticed someone coming. [The doors leading outside were glass, and we could kind of see out them from where we stood.] Kelly ducked into the area that led to the basement and stopped, trapped; Lydia and the girl dashed a few steps into the staircase and stopped, also quite trapped. I headed toward the person and met them before they could go down the hallway and see anyone hiding there. The man --- who looked kind of like President Snow from The Hunger Games --- was clearly a main trafficker, and very suspicious of me and why I was in his building. I very innocently asked him if he could tell me where a bathroom was. As he answered me and led me toward it, his attention focused on me, I sensed/saw Kelly, Lydia, and the girl understanding my plan of diversion. [My dreams are quite movie-like; meaning, I am in my head, but the “camera” often pans to other people in the dream to show what they are doing.]

I slowly went up the stairs to the bathroom, the President Snow guy watching me. I tried to keep myself unemotional and seemingly innocent. I shut the door almost all the way --- and through the crack, I saw Kelly, Lydia, and the girl sneak out behind him. I flushed the toilet to make it seem like I’d peed, then rinsed my hands to make it sound more realistic…and came out, smiling and thanking him, planning to hurry after them.

He didn’t seem entirely fooled. He still looked suspicious. I struggled to conceal all nervousness, tried to pretend I didn’t know anything about anything; that I had simply been there, alone, to use the bathroom.

I casually walked outside past him, and calmly-but-quickly headed toward where we’d parked the car. I no longer saw my friends or the little girl…but every time I glanced back through the crowd, I saw that creepy old man, watching me.

Fear rose in me, and the sense of danger intensified. But I tried to keep up the fa├žade, in case any part of him had been tricked. Though I was quite sure, even in that moment…that he knew I was his enemy. That he knew that I knew. That I was trying to dismantle what he was trying to build.

The street seemed to have changed direction; the building we’d gone in had been on the previous left-hand side of the road; now it looked like the building was at the head of the road, like the road led to that building. Either that, or the road had become a huge concrete lot, with buildings on every side of it.

I kept walking, peering back and getting chills each time our eyes met across the distance.

I turned a corner at some point, past different buildings…obscuring me from his line of sight. I think then I started running. I am not sure if I couldn’t get to my car, or if I was looking for the girls first, or what…but I ended up heading in a different direction from where the car had been. I think. I’m not sure. I’m almost thinking I saw it at one point, and saw no way to get there.

But I ran for a little bit on that street, and then slowed back to a walk. I’m pretty sure that when I looked behind me again…he was there…standing, watching.

I hurried on, visibly a little more nervous now.

He kept following me, always just standing there whenever I peered over my shoulder. I never saw him coming toward me; he was just behind me each time I looked, and often the distance between us seemed the same. The only time I appeared to actually be getting away from him was before I went around the corner.

…Anyway, somehow, I ended up on some type of balcony. There was a small building before me, the roof of which was only a few feet away. [The edge of it was below me, but the peak was higher than where I stood.] When I looked down, he was on the street right below me, looking up at me. I don’t think he could have reached me had he tried, but he was still very close. Still just staring.

But his intent…was beyond clear. He definitely knew who I was, what I was doing there…and he saw me as a threat.

I hesitated for a split second, then climbed over the railing and jumped to the roof, flew up and over it, and dropped to the ground below. [This somehow separated us, as if by a wall; had I stayed on the balcony, I would have been on his side of the street. On the other side of the building/roof, I ended up on a different street, and he couldn’t just cross behind the building. He had to go around a different way, and so I had a head start.]

…I hit the ground and ran.

The new street had fewer buildings, was wider, and felt more open. I’m not sure if I saw them up ahead, but somehow, on that street, I met up with the girls again. For a moment, the man was nowhere in sight.

And then…he just appeared. I think he might have said something then; or maybe he still didn’t have to say anything. But the threat of him was more than words could convey.

I don’t know what happened then, exactly. I don’t know if he tried to attack us…or if he grabbed the little girl and tried to take her back…or what. But I think something happened to show that he meant to hurt us, that we were in acute danger.

I’m not sure if I took his gun from him when he brandished it…or if I had had a gun all along.

But I somehow got him face down on the ground, sort of stunned/immobilized, though trying to regain his strength. And I stood over him, pointing the gun at him, with the girls on the other side of him, facing me.

I shot him twice in his right shoulder…then, knowing that that would only slow [and anger] him and not stop him, I shot him several times in the head.

He did not move again.

I think I looked up at the girls on the other side of him.

…And then I woke up.

…Annnd…such are my dreams.

Ze aiinnd!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy

Yesterday, I wrote briefly about how a certain character’s past enables her to relate very much to my main girl. Their stories are vastly different…yet similar in that they were both tricked, coerced, lied to…and found themselves in awful, desperate situations.

My main girl stays where she is because she is literally trapped --- as in, locked in. There is a threat on her life, and on what will happen to her, if she disobeys or tries to escape.

In contrast, this other girl stays where she is because she is trying to protect her little sister. There is a threat on her life, and on what will happen to her sister, if she disobeys or tries to escape.

…I know it is brutal. I do. For the horror of the situation, I hate it. It makes me so incredibly sick.

…But it is happening, daily. In every part of the world. And if I am going to write a book about trafficking…I can’t shy away from the brutality of it.

This other girl’s story reminds me hugely of the video I saw, the video that started everything. I don’t remember all of the details of the video-girl’s story…but I know that the big reason she didn’t try to escape her captors was to protect her family.

This…is my story-version of that.

And I love it. I love it in the way that I love the idea of a certain guy coming back into the story, having been transformed. I love it because it fits…because it adds another dimension of intensity and beauty to the whole thing…and because there is redemption.

Because while the horror that this other girl goes through is indeed horror…it makes her who she is. It hurts her, but it also changes her. It teaches her how to really trust men, that there are men that can be fully trusted. It enables her to understand the fear that other girls deal with when it comes to the decision of going with the group of half-breeds. It fills her with a burden for girls who have been hurt and used like she was. It enables her to connect with my main girl in a way that will be healing and freeing for not only the two of them, but for many other girls to come.

Who better to minister to a former sex slave…than a former sex slave?

Who better to walk through the process of healing from such trauma…than one who has walked those exact steps?

…I just like it.

Annnd…I started figuring another aspect of this last night. The following is my plan at the moment…if anything about it seems unrealistic or dumb, please tell me!

…When this certain girl finally gets away from where she was, she is found by the half-breed group. [Who, for the record, are probably the only “good guys” in the story, at the moment.] When she goes with that group [which consists of mostly men], she does NOT trust them. She thinks it will be like the situation she just left. She is prepared to be their sex slave. She expects nothing else from men. She thinks that if she knows what she is getting into, and goes willingly, she will have some control over the situation. She thinks her sister is dead, and she believes it is her fault. She thinks she isn’t good for anything besides being used anyway, and at least they’ll be providing her some sort of shelter and food. Her spirit is shattered, her will to live teetering on the edge. She’s been through sheer hell; what more could the world throw at her?

The men of the group begin to earn her trust…but refusing her. By consistently refusing to take advantage of her, by elevating her and insisting that she is worth respecting and caring for…by choosing to love her as a sister instead of using her as a means of pleasure.

Bit by bit, she will begin to soften. She will begin to see herself through their eyes…begin to believe them when they tell her that they care about her as a person. Begin to feel worth something more than what that other man reduced her to. And eventually, it will get to the point where she will stop propositioning them, and start accepting their friendship and brother-ship. And even beyond that, she will join the group that found her; she will go to the towns with them and help convince street-girls that the group is a safe place. Because she, of anyone, knows what the men truly want.

…Does that make sense?

[Oh, and her sister is not dead. ;) Pfft, I can’t kill characters.]

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Excitement and updates!


The other day, I got this email…

We shall see what happens! I will keep you updated! =)

In other news, I have decided on some back-story stuff for a certain girl character that my main girl gets to be friends with. This other girl…has also been trafficked, in a different way…and so she can relate very much to my main girl. And she understands her pain, her torment…her fear.

Still have to figure out how ANY of these girls can ever trust men again.

Any ideas? …Anyone?

What can good men do to help girls --- girls who have seen the not-good side of men --- believe that they are actually good, and nice, and won’t hurt them? Seriously. I am kind of stuck.

The girls need to trust the guys enough to actually like…go with them. That’s the big issue. Girls who have been lied to, tricked, and abused by men…how in the world would they be able to trust a man enough to go with one again? Ahhhhh!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Most scattered update ever. …Maybe. …Probably not.

Welp. It has been a week again. Grr.

I am figuring stuff out…but not for the part I’d like to be working on. I am really going to try to look into chapter 17 stuff today…and leave the book two stuff alone. Ack. BUT…what I’ve been doing in book two…

Actually, that is a lie. Things start in book two, but the most recent stuff I’ve done is for book three.

What have I been doing, you ask?

…Well…I kind of can’t tell you. I started writing it out, and realized it is kind of a huge spoiler. And I’ve given enough of those.

…So…you will have to wait. =)

I will say that someone dies, someone else freaks out, and bad things almost happen to my main girl. Then bad things do actually happen to my girl [different bad things], someone comes to get her, stuff happens that I don’t know yet…and someone lies publicly in order to protect my girl.

…And…I REALLY need to work on chapter 17!