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Thursday, May 1, 2014

“F” is for fracturing

“F” is for fracturing

One of the big plot things in my story is that the “fuchsia” (the d-guys) end up fractured.

When my story was still about romantic love changing the world, the d-guy leader was going to be in love with a human slave girl. His desire to be with her would fracture his people (who have, up until that point, been united).

What fractures them now is this: my d-guy leader taking a stand against slavery.

The d-guys keep humans as slaves.
They torture them in various ways.
They see absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Then my main girl – a half-breed – enters their world.
My d-guy leader can’t help but care for her, and in caring for her, his heart changes. (This is not a romantic “caring” at all. Ew. If you only knew…)

His change of heart opens his eyes.

So he will stand against slavery, in all of its forms.
And the ones who still want slavery will break off.

The people who have always been united will shatter.

Oh fun. =)