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Monday, June 8, 2015

An update plus “N” is for names!

Oh wow. It has been so long. I am so sorry. alksdjfl

Well, I FINISHED WRITING SOWING! Ahh! I edited Ari and Rab’s part individually; this week, I’m tackling the story as a whole. Then it’s off to my awesome editor! Once she’s done, it will be ready for beta readers! Whoo!

Oh, and here is my GORGEOUS cover! Ahhhh! =D I’m so in love with it! (Here is my awesome designer!)

I know it’s been forever since I posted an alphabet post, but I’m on N.

Today, I shall discuss…NAMES! =D I’ve kind of talked about this before, but…

For this story, I’ve pulled a TON of names from the Bible. I LOVE Old Testament names (you know, the ones most people can’t pronounce and end up skipping over). I’ve tried to give all of my top Hul leaders Biblical names (whether taken directly, or a tweaked version). In fact, I’m pretty sure every Hul in the story so far has a Biblical or Biblically-based name.

For book one, the story takes place exclusively in the nation of Etholia. Etholian names end in either an “ah” sound (for men and women, and usually written as “ah” as well) or the letter “k” (men only). I have four other nations, and each one has different naming customs. We’ll get to those people eventually! I love names that look fantasy-ish, but that COULD be someone’s real name somewhere. At least, that’s how they are to me. But I am so used to them…ha!

For my Vidar story, I’ve picked names based on their meaning. It just fits that story somehow! I’ve tried to find names that fit the character as well; in fact, sometimes the name I choose shapes the character or their magic. (Because yes, I actually have magic in that story!)

What about you? How do you name your characters?


  1. When might we get to read this story? I have been wanting to read it.

    1. Hopefully soon! It's with betas right now! =D