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Saturday, December 10, 2016


Well, the title says it all. It’s been months. I’m so sorry. Lots of stuff going on – publishing, a new job, life craziness…um…other stuff…? We got a dog…! *tries to think of what else happened after April 12th* Yep, got the dog (Castro, like the former dictator, ha!) on the 16th of April. Publishing pretty much consumed the summer…I have no idea what happened to the fall…

And now it is two weeks until Christmas.


Oh wow.

How in the world is it even December already? Sheesh…

So, an update on what’s gone on since April!

1. I published Sowing, Book One of The Purification Era, in August. August 9th, I think. Yes. It has been a learning curve – the marketing and promoting…which falls under marketing – but it’s been fun, and I feel like the book is doing quite well.

2. I’ve been working on Quelling, Book Two. About 70k total in there (Sowing is 128 in comparison). It’s not all consecutive…but it’s coming along.

3. I’m going to be at the Centerville Library (Ohio) on January 9th for a signing/meet and greet thing! They call it 2nd Monday, and it will be awesome! If you’re local, I’d love to see you! I’ll have books available!

111 W. Spring Valley Road, Centerville, 45458
1-3 pm

4. I started a new story – which I worked on for Nano; OH MY GOSH, NANO HAPPENED TOO. It’s more fantasy-ish than the Puri world is (aka, there might be magic…maybe…) and takes place in a sort of Ancient Greece/Rome setting. Title is All The Shimmering Suns, and…I’ll just put the current blurb below instead of me trying to summarize it.

“If they give you a chance, Aster, take it.”

Years ago, Aster’s parents smuggled her away to freedom, narrowly escaping the invading Nephele army. At seventeen, the past catches up with her. Torn between death or conversion to the Nephele faith, Aster chooses life – thereby signing that life over their military. A soldier’s path promises prestige…and the possibility of finding her parents.

Ruthless and devoted, Helios has never questioned the path before him. Though he despises the new recruits, he obeys tradition, doing his part to train them. It’s merely another step toward power and position.

An ancient chimera has other plans.

With the city in flames, Aster and Helios flee – only to end up underground, trapped and hunted. If they can find a way to trust each other, they might survive.

If they can’t, there may not be a world left to go back to.

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