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About Me

Hi, guys! Here’s a little about me…

I’ve been writing seriously since about 2006. Before that, I wanted to be a singer, but things transpired and led me back to writing. Which is so much more me.

Jesus is the only reason I’m alive today. He is my hope, my purpose, and while I never, ever want to shove anything down anyone’s throat, I do write from that worldview. Don’t get me wrong, though: my stuff is and can be brutal. I don’t flinch away from the reality of human brokenness, but I do hope to offer a light in the darkness.

I am married to my heart-and-soul love. We’ve been through some hell, but we’re stronger for it, and there is a deeper beauty than there was. If you read much of my stuff, you’ll probably see a theme of redemption woven throughout. My husband is a big part of that. Redemption is air to me. Everything in me screams for it.

I adore my characters. They run the show, and I just follow behind them, scribbling things down. Sometimes they talk slowly enough that I can catch it all. When they’re feeling compliant. Though, a lot of my characters are rebels, so…you can see where this is going. ;) But I love them to death, so I am all right with that.

Thank you for checking me/my stuff out! I would love to hear from you!