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Sowing, Book One of The Purification Era series, is available now! This is a dystopian fantasy set in a medieval time period; it follows two sisters as they try to navigate their war-torn world.


They can take your house, your daughter, whatever they want.

For Ariliah, life under the militarized Hulcondans is one of order and safety. Despite the soldiers’ ruthless policies, she trusts their judgment. Beyond the city wall, enemies lurk – a vicious race bent on devouring humanity. And if anything ever happened to the protectors, nothing would keep them out.

For her older sister, Rabreah, every glance from a Hulcondan is a threat. When even a whisper against them is treason and treason is death, Rabreah can’t risk one seeing through her as she sees through them. Joining an underground resistance to end their corruption seems like her only hope – until she meets the group’s enigmatic leader and realizes she doesn’t know the people she’s aligned herself with at all.

But when rebellious posters appear throughout the city and people start dying, their world begins to crumble.

And as the line between friend and enemy blurs, both girls must face the truth: everything is about to change.

The Forgotten Places

My short story, Well of the Beloved, is in here! It is a fantasy that follows a cursed well and a princess with a secret mission. This anthology started from a list of the 25 most awesome abandoned places in the world and grew from there. =) My place was this! Writing this story brought a new world to life for me, and I will have some actual books in that world eventually!

Nightmares: In Writers Retreat

My short story, Travel at Night, is in here! It is also a fantasy (shocking) and takes place in the same world as WOTB ^^. =) It follows a princess as well, but there are monsters and secrets and maybe even a little bit of romance. ;)

 Cancer Sucks!

I have some poems in there!

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